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In this ultimately deadly chess game stands Fiona, a striking redhead poised to kill Cleopatra Gallier. Cleo, the impossibly beautiful, clever, wealthy former talk show host, is as completely unaware of Fiona’s existence as she is of Fiona’s vengeful plan to kill her for taking out Fiona’s love. The story unfolds in the deserts of Dubai and the beaches and gardens of Honolulu’s paradise. Amidst CIA agents and a family that could explode if Cleopatra’s deepest secret comes out, Cleo and Fiona finally face each other. But who is Fiona? Hidden under layers of secrets, this novel twists and turns as the handsome rogue Jake and his CIA undercover father Tripp fight battles of their own. A perfect cocktail of a spy thriller, romance, sex, revenge, and betrayal with a dash of hot fudge from American actress, playwright, and author Tina Sloan.

Chasing Cleopatra

Chasing Cleopatra

Audio Book Reviewers Choice Award

To the untrained eye, our heroine, Cleopatra Gallier appears to lead a charmed life in Honolulu’s paradise. She is impossibly beautiful, clever, wealthy and…trained to kill.

When she enters into a love affair with the much younger, irresistibly handsome rogue, Jake Regan, she finds herself colliding with an intricate terrorist plot. Her secret past, like Hawaii’s smoldering volcano, is ready to erupt. In the four days leading up to Christmas, two shocking betrayals and a terrorist attack threaten to reduce her and the island she loves to ashes.

Don’t miss this gripping page-turner debut novel from acclaimed American actress, playwright, author Tina Sloan.  The sequel to this novel is CHASING OTHELLO which came out recently.  Tina is at work on Book 3 of the Cleopatra Chronicles.

“Tina Sloan creates the perfect cocktail of spy thriller and romance in CHASING CLEOPATRA. Equal parts sexy and intriguing, this mystery of betrayal keeps you breathless and guessing until the very last page. And Sloan’s glamorous Cleopatra will keep you awake all night.”


New York Times Bestselling Author of the DOROTHY MUST DIE SERIES, and MERA: TIDEBREAKER

“I’m a huge fan and enthralled with Tina Sloan’s new novel, CHASING CLEOPATRA. Her fab heroine foils plots, romances younger men, eats pancakes, and fights terrorists! My kind of gal!”



“I stayed up all night to finish CHASING CLEOPATRA. A breathtaking, pulse-pounding tale of romance and intrigue, as glamorous and sophisticated as the author herself.”


New York Times bestselling author of GIRLS LIKE US and BANKER’S WIFE

“I read CHASING CLEOPATRA in two days and was so taken with the storyline and characters, I read it all over again. It truly is a novel of intense love and intriguing suspense and betrayal. I am hoping for a sequel.”



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